Undergraduate Bulletin 2022 - 2023 
    Apr 17, 2024  
Undergraduate Bulletin 2022 - 2023 [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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SLP 382 - Using Sign Language with Young Children

This course requires three units of study that are an important part of learning to interact and communicate with children with special needs. Students learn 150 early American Sign Language (ASL) signs, the manual alphabet, numbers, a brief history of American Sign Language. The course also covers information on Deaf culture, language deprivation and listening fatigue. It covers research supporting and the benefits of using signs with children to support communication, language, attention, literacy and spelling skills as well as using signs with children who are English Language Learners (ELL), and adding signs to a behavior management program. Students learn how and why to add signs in the classroom or therapy session and gain experience using and teaching signs in a practical format.


*This course does NOT meet the requirements of the general education language requirement. Students are encouraged to take ASL 121 and 122 in addition to this course.

Credits: 3

Prerequisites SPED 332   is recommended

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