Undergraduate Bulletin 2021 - 2022 
    May 30, 2024  
Undergraduate Bulletin 2021 - 2022 [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Health Science, B.S.

Program Chair: Carl Moore, Ph.D

Available in the Online Program. Some courses will need to be taken on campus.


The mission of the Health Science major at Columbia College is to provide students with foundational knowledge of the Healthcare Industry preparing them for a broad range of administrative, management and clinical opportunities in the Healthcare field and to provide students with the scientific knowledge necessary for entrance to graduate programs in the health professions.   

Health Science program is a hybrid online and in-person degree designed for students who have already earned an Associate of Applied Science and are looking to complete a bachelor’s degree to further their career in healthcare or to pursue post-graduate training in an allied health field.  Students work with experienced advisors to complete required prerequisite coursework and develop the necessary skills for them to take the next step in their education and reach their professional goals. Coursework can be tailored to fulfill the prerequisite for admission to medical, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or physician assistant programs. 

An Associate degree with a major in an allied health area from a regionally accredited two-year college is required for this major

Students Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of regulatory, accreditation, legal, and policy issues involved in healthcare organizations. 
  2. Students will be able to explain quality and performance as it relates to healthcare, explain research methodologies, and their application to healthcare research. 
  3. Students will be able to apply problem-solving skills to science topics. 
  4. Students will demonstrate the ability to clearly communicate scientific material orally or in writing.