Undergraduate Bulletin 2022 - 2023 
    Feb 29, 2024  
Undergraduate Bulletin 2022 - 2023 [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Dance Studies, B.A.

Program Chair: Amanda Ling, M.F.A.

Available in the Day College.

The Dance program at Columbia College offers a creatively rigorous community that encourages students to investigate, generate, and articulate their unique artistry through dance. With a comprehensive and progressive study in the dance discipline, students gain the experience needed to engage as leaders in the field and enrich the human experience through performance, choreography, dance education, and arts advocacy. 

Mission: Degree programs in dance seek to prepare students for careers in the performance, education, advocacy, and administration of dance as a fine art. The curriculum is firmly rooted in the technical study of somatic and contemporary dance and other diverse forms. Classes are offered on multiple levels based on technical proficiency in contemporary dance with classes specified for majors meeting daily. The training and opportunities provided through the Columbia College Dance Company (CCDC), dance productions, and Leadership Semester experiences enable students to develop the knowledge and dispositions necessary to engage others through dance. 

Student Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Students will demonstrate competence by reflecting upon their growth and development as a leader, acknowledging challenges faced and overcome. 
  2. Dance Studies and Dance Education students will acquire technical and expressive knowledge through the study of contemporary dance and gain the understanding and application of somatic science and wellness. 
  3. Students will develop personal authority as dance artists by engaging in inquiry through dance composition and aesthetic practice. 
  4. Students demonstrate the skills and professional dispositions of a reflective dance teaching artist through the creation and implementation of effective, engaging, and developmentally appropriate dance lessons. 

Requirements for all Dance Majors:

All dance majors must remain active members of the student organization, Columbia College Dance Company (CCDC), every semester while in attendance at the College. Dance program majors must also enroll in at least one somatic and contemporary dance course, participate in dance productions, and engage in a physical wellness practice each semester. Dance Education majors are excused from these requirements during their final semester of directed teaching. In addition to these and the requirements specified by each major, BA-Dance Education majors must meet technical proficiency standards in two dance forms: Somatic Techniques and Contemporary Techniques by demonstrating placement in level III (DAN 318 and DAN 341) and complete the course with a grade of “B” or better for two consecutive semesters prior to their Directed Teaching.

Formula for Calculating Credit Hours in Dance:

For non-studio courses, a semester hour of credit represents at least 3 hours of work each week. A three semester hour course includes three hours of in-class instruction plus six hours of work outside of class for each week.

For Dance Traditions and CoLAB Studio courses, a semester hour of credit represents at least 3 hours each week, including 1.5 hours of in-class instruction plus 1.5 hours of work outside of class for physical practice. Technique courses are 1 semester hour and include 2 - 2.5 hours of in-class instruction plus 1 hours of work outside of class for physical practice each week.

For Choreography courses, a semester hour of credit represents at least 3 hours of work each week. Choreography courses are 2 semester hours and include 2.5 hours of in-class instruction and 3.5 hours of work outside of class for each week.

4 Semester Hours From

Contemporary Dance Techniques

8 semester hours in Contemporary Dance techniques from

Somatic Techniques

8 semester hours in Somatic Techniques from

Dance Traditions

5 semester hours in Dance Traditions from

Total Credit Hours: 47

Restricted Electives

Scientific Literacy

The following course must be taken to satisfy the Scientific Literacy requirement for general education.