Undergraduate Bulletin 2023 - 2024 
    Jul 25, 2024  
Undergraduate Bulletin 2023 - 2024

Middle Level Education, Certifying to Teach, B.A.

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Program Chair: Marla Sanders

Available in the Day and Evening* Colleges.

*Social Studies content area is the only area offered in the Evening College.

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The Middle level programs at Columbia College prepares you to be an effective classroom teacher for grades 5th-8th. Middle-level majors are involved in early and on-going experiences in classrooms and learning to work both independently and collaboratively to affect positive change in schools and society. Middle Level Education is recognized by the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE), the South Carolina Department of Education, and is nationally accredited by the NCATE/CAEP through Fall 2022. 

Mission:   The mission of the Middle Level program is to prepare middle level educators who know, understand, use, and reflect on the major concepts, principles, theories and research related to the learning and development of young adolescents.  Candidates are able to develop learning opportunities that support diverse learners’ academic, social, and emotional needs. Candidates exhibit a commitment to professional growth, lifelong learning, and reflective practice. 


Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Middle level teacher candidates demonstrate the professional knowledge required to be effective in middle level classrooms, including best practices in middle school, adolescent development and accommodating diverse learning, social, and cultural needs (AMLE Standards 1 & 3).  
  2. Middle level teacher candidates effectively use multiple methods of assessment to plan instruction and make data driven instructional decisions (AMLE Standards 2 & 4). 
  3. Middle level teacher candidates can plan and effectively implement instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners (AMLE Standards 2 & 4).  
  4. Middle level teacher candidates can demonstrate professional behaviors and ethical practice (AMLE Standard 5). 


Teacher candidates are required to pass all three parts of the Praxis Core: Reading, Writing and Math. Designated courses provide an additional 1 semester hour lab of support for candidates that have not exempted or passed the required test. Lab course are EDU 150R  , EDU 218W   and MATH 117M  . Students should consult with their advisor.

A grade of C or better is required in the following courses for this program: EDU 211, 240, 279, 283, 360, 385, 420E/M/N/S, 481, 485LS, 486LS, and WRIT 340

Major courses include:

Choose One of the Following Area Concentrations

Candidates must choose one of the following content area concentrations which will count as courses for the major:
Specified Elective

Students with this concentration must take 3 hours from the following as a specified elective

Science (26 Hours)

Specified Elective

Students with this concentration must take the following as a specified elective
Historical Literacy

Students with this concentration must take the following as a specified elective to satisfy the general education historical literacy requirement
Human Institutions and Behavior

Students with this concentration must take the following as a specified elective to satisfy the general education human institutions and behavior requirement

Total Credit Hours: 66-68

Some selected courses may also be used to satisfy appropriate general education requirements.

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